Love is the irresistible Desire…

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistible desired – by Robert Frost

It is hard to wait around for someone you know might never happen..

But it’s even harder to give up, when it’s all you’ve ever wanted

in LIFE…

To be loved..

To feel desired in a touch.. To look into eyes that see your heart and soul

That look just all the things you hate about yourself and cares only the good,

the loving the gentleness that dwells within

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About maureenlermer

I am an Artist, Poet, painter, i write short romantic stories, love captivating images with the lence. I love to create my own cooking recipies, travel, fashion model, motivational coach. “It was apparent to me that I was not writing the kind of poems in which meaning was stated clearly and explicitly… ”I am aware, fully aware that my poems deal with the life within myself, where the mind tries to find a sort of coherence from the mass of things in the world outside it. My poems were born of love, of love’s selfishness and of a huge self-pity, pain, anxiety, joy a mixture of craziness and youthfullness or like the poems of many whom I admire. Yours truely Maureen Lermer

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  1. How VERY TRUE! Sunshine, how very true, don’t we all know the feeling…

  2. Yes we do Sunshine… yes we do… :)

  3. Agatha Akhabue Fältström

    I have been there and i know the feeling.

  4. aw, you’re right Maureen… ;-)

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