Be the change YOU wish to See…!!!

“Nothing moves me like ARTS. Photography, painting music, and poetry. I do write short romantic trailers, I model once in a while, the nature and my kids are my inspiration. I am kind of aloof, introvert. I used to be shy, extremely private and an avid writer. I am very open-minded, very curious about everything in life, ready to learn new things. I love to create my own recipes, and travel a lot.

My interests are reading, dancing, music, photography, travelling, cooking, writing, learning new stuff, the Gym, anything with motor.

My favorite quotes:

Be the change you wish to see.. Mahatma Ghandi

If not us then who? If not now.. When?

An old wise tale “we must teach the children, love and nurture them.. They need us, they are innocent”

I love, Peace…, Love…Respect… and Happiness..

  1. Alberta Njotsa

    Loving what you doing sister and your words well chosen!!!! wont like to be in verbal hostage with you!!

  2. Hello love, as always enjoyed every step you take and every action. I would do my best to visit whenever i am online. Take good care of yourself and every who deserves it. Remember words are powerful.

  3. Hi, Maureen this is a good Job. Inspiring and very soul searching. Keep it up girl. Until then be blessed.

  4. Hello Maureen love your blog,you have a way with words so powerful. I will be back to read more of your work. God Bless :)

  5. I appreciate every little word that you share here, pointedly to your ‘dear mother..’. it moves me. have a great journey ahead. Be in touch

  6. I love that quote ” BE the change you want to see”.
    Hadn’t heard it before but will definitively try to live it.
    Perfect love!

  7. You’re a beautiful person…both inside and out! x

    One of my favorite quotes:

    ‘Watch your thoughts, they become words.
    Watch your words, they become actions.
    Watch your actions, they become habits.
    Watch your habits, they become your character.
    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.’

    • OMG.. i love those Kelly.. yes that is so right… WORDS are the most powerful instruments of all time… So happy you stopped by to read my blog.. sorta brought tears into my eyes… bless your heart…!!! xxx Thanks alot

  8. Hello! You are given Versatile Blogger at
    Congrats and keep blogging!

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