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Complete Me…by Bernice Angoh (taken from her book, Lemonade street)

Bernice Ango, author, novelist, song writer, Poet, and aspiring photographer

Bernice Angoh, author, novelist, song writer, Poet, and aspiring photographer

Complete Me

I don’t need you to complete me

I am already complete

I don’t need you to bring out the best in me

I’ve already done so,

I bring out the best in myself.

There is no amount of energy you ought to dispense

No work or obligation on your part

I don’t even need your love

I have enough of my own

to love you and to love myself

But if you must insist

let it be my token for you

love me

go ahead, do, that’s all I ask of you

Not because it’s what you must do, but because you can’t help it

Do not  become addicted to me

do not become codependent as most do

love me as though you may never have me

don’t pour your life into me

I wont get sucked into yours

Let’s share like we’re been doing

I will never ask you to be anything less or more, than you already are

You are enough

You will never belong to me, nor I, you

I cannot possess what I already have

I can only appreciate, nuture, love and respect it

And I do

I love you

When you are complete, you look for another complete person and you share.. The energy flows between you two. No one feels draubed by the other. That’s what constitutes a healthy relationship.

You may check her out at

Lemonade Street..


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