Milika is 10 

She was thae most beautiful girl in the room today. With her immaculate white dress. She says. ‘

I was sad leaving Afghanistan,  leaving behind everything,  I never knew we will find solace love and care in Germany, Mering’. 

My family!!!!  She says.. she meant her new home, the Asylee helpers of Mering and other loving people, taking care of them/ her. 

What a happy and grateful child. 

What ever, future holds for you,  may you have the courage to face it with love and respect. 

Yours Maureen. ..One love. 

My Burdens

I have a burden to carry, that burden is my MIND. I have  a burden to carry, that burden is my  Heart. I have a burden to carry, that burden is my SOUL.  I have a burden to  carry , that burden is my BODY. 

I have a will to make, a  will to help me carry my Burdens a step, a day, at a time.  I wish to be the person I was made to be, who is passionate  about things, the zeal to dare and the Determination to get through, despite my Burdens! !

Photographer and Artists : Aimay Menoba  (France-Angers )

Yefon Mainsah

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One love. Peace