I use to think that i have answers to everything, but now i know that life does not always go my way..

I have realized that everything was not meant to be.. the way i want. I realized, i was qualified to stand to responsibilities, so i try to prioritize by deciding what i think is best for me…

Then there is always love which tries to trip you off, you try to catch yourself before you touch the ground, Thank God,  friends are there to catch you, cheer you up, give you strength, build you up, when you are down.

In my total emotional  confussion..  i try to convince myself.. that i want to get over it..  i want my life to move on.. glad it is heart means well..

At all that i have been through, i found my self..  I hoped that
i will be with someone who truely cares for me.. if it does
not happen i ll be alright, i ll accept the plans God has set for me…

I am not at the least afraid to try, i ll let Destiny take charge. i am
not giving up, just because the last one let me

I am looking out for me, taking care of my needs .. life is not a
gurantee, it is time to start living, it will not always be the
same.. but do not be afraid to face changes

Do not lower your self esteem, you got to live your dreams , it is all
about confidence, let them know you can stand up..
express your mind..

It is your life so do not give up, i am not going to give up. .. Stand up
express your mind …. Never Give Up…!!!!

By Maureen Lermer Njotsa.. .. EM



2 thoughts on “NEVER GIVE UP

  1. This poem is so beautiful. The verses follow a logic which only you best understand. I just can’t help myself from praising the poem. BIG UP EM!

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