You can jump…by sweetpoet82

You Can Jump – Visitor’s Poem
by sweetpoet82

When I close my eyes and
Catch a glimpse of the world beyond common perception, I see rivers
and mountains and rain and sun;
I see gray skies and blue skies and rainbows

I walk the world
In my mind’s eye;
Follow the trails of
crushed flowers,
Follow the trails of fresh new sprouts.

The mountains
in front of me
Tower as tall as the sky, as ominous as a cliff.
But there’s always a way, whether
Leaping, climbing, skirting, or slicing it apart.

The rivers ahead are
Broad and livid, water rushing, Ready
to swallow anyone, anytime, but they can still be
Crossed in a wooden boat,
or vanquished by a golden bridge.

The rain clouds are always
there, Following like ominous shadows of gloom,
Ready to rain, ready to thunder-
But the sun is there, too, ready to frighten them away.

I open my eyes and know,
That there are and will always be
Hurdles in life.

I open my eyes and know,
That the hurdles in life
Can always
be jumped.


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