I can lead you to the fountain,

But I can’t make you drink.

I can ask all the right questions,

But I can’t make you think.

I can lend you every book I own,

But I can’t make you read.

I could show you a miracle,

And hope one day you will believe.

The beauty of life is that It’s yours

to do with what you choose.

You can choose to sing a happy song,

or choose to play the blues.

Happiness is yours to find

Every day that you are here.

You can face each day with courage,

Or learn to live in fear.

Embrace love when you find it,

Hold it close to you heart.

Or claim that it is not love,

Cast it into the dark.

Do what makes you happy.

Regret is not a choice

Love the ones who treat you well,

And speak with your own voice.


2 thoughts on “HAPPINESS…

  1. Maureen, you are right. Remember this: I prefer to be by myself rather than having around me people who don’t want to share, who always think about taking from me, using me and not worrying about my situation when I am down. The friendship has to be mutual. It starts wit respect, sympathy and compassion to each other. Friendship based of interest is collaboration, partnership.

    • Yes you got it Blaise, that is what i am saying.. why do you have to keep on hurting yourself when you can do things to make you happy, with those who are on common grounds with you.. YOUR FRIENDS.. those who are your true FRIENDS.. they make FRIENDSHIP HAPPEN..

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