Once in a life time, Someone Special enters your life.

You do not know how it happens or where it might go.

You welcome them with open Arms.

Appreciating them for who they are.

You do not care where they have been or come from.

You are just grateful for their FRIENDSHIP and that GOD has sent them to you

Yes, he did a wonderful job  fixing up the missing puzzles.

With such  lovely souls

Who open them selves, and let me into their world

Filling every corner with their warm smiles, thoughts and unending creations

While others sleep at night, they think at night,

thinking about what to bring to life eagerly the next day

Making souls  Happy.. with thier words..

This is my way to say Thanks and  love you to my Best Friend and Sister

(Word Weaver)  Bernice Lakota..


10 thoughts on “SOMEONE SPECIAL

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in tears!!!!!!!!!!! you got me! so speechless, what more can I possibly say to this, DITTO…DITTO…DITTO I love you like Krazzziiieeeeeeeee….OMG, let me go and read again and again and again, and again…I AM BLESSED whew. MAUREEN NJOTSA NDEMELA LERMER!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yup…anybody would be speechless at such very heartwarming and am sure, spontaneous expression of love and friendship. God bless both of you and seal your friendship forever, through high and low tides.

  3. Irealised again how special my husband is to me,how special I am to my kids. It’s so awesome when JESUS opened his arms to a sinner like me. Mimi you too are special, I love that work. Well done.

    • My dear, thanks a million.. i feel blessed knowing that you share in this too.. Until we realized how blessed we really are, shall we see how previlaged we truely are. You are blessed indeed, and those you care for will be a reflect of you..

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