The Date… (part 1)

When i first saw Darwin, immediately i felt a strong attraction towards him..
His intelligence and personalities beamed on his handsome smiling face.
I decided to  ride my scott over to meet him. I admire his athletic physique. We
met on February last year and hit it off from the start. He asked me if i knew
the way to Markt Dorf.., because he really wanted to go for a ride, he asked if
he could ride with me since I am heading towards the park. As we rode to the
park, the usual questions were asked about each other.. By the time we got
there,  I well.. to use an old clichés…” I was in love”.

I decided we go to the supermarket to get some munchies. We got some fruits,
juice, ice cream, crackers and chocolate. Back in the park we found a lunch putsch
of grass in a garden. We ate the goodies and talked of our interests, finding
that we had much in common. I beginning to feel like a teenager.

I suggested a nap in the sun as we lay down, he cozied up next to me and held
my hand in his. The feelings i had was wonderful, a combination of love and
lust    (you did not expect this to a a romance Now! did you?)

We napped for a while, when we woke up, we started riding back. I invited him
for dinner at my place.. of course he accepted… (wink)

 My place was warm, with the sun pouring in the through South facing windows.
My collection of music included every taste from jams, R&B, Jazz, gospel
etc.. interested him.. and then aah my arts.. my painting caught his breath…
He loved the plants i had in the house..

I suggested that Darwin relax while i shower and changed, Darwin decided he’
l’ll help me with the salad. When i emerged, i handed him the robe to shower
before dinner.

 Dinner wasn’t candle light, the sun was still shinning, but everything was
Romantic..Good music, good food and most important a good person to share with..
After the table was cleared, I served cups of gourmet ice cream and we retired to

 If Darwin was to be only a friend, i would still be content to share his
company. Of course we both hoped for more. I sat down close to him, shoulders
touching. We ate our ice cream very slowly. He deliberately licking the spoon
in a suggestive manner as if not to be outdone, i would lick the full spoon in
my mouth and withdraw it slowly, lips closed and a moan of pleasure… (it was
good ice cream)

 By the end of the ice cream we were closer together. I leaned back on the
couch. Darwin put his arms around me and my hands clasped, fingers moving
between each other sensuously, My head leaned on his shoulder. He reached with
his lips and kissed my hair. My head moved back and my ear was exposed…..

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “The Date… (part 1)

    • Wow books, well, that is gonna be a big dream come true, but i ll sure leave that to our sister and Friend Bernice Lakota.. She is a born WordWeaver.. You may check her works her books on Amazone or just hit her.. She got two famous books, when a Woman love a man and Lemonade street

  1. You r a stunning woman of dignity & class. u carry yrsef & u come in all colours. i mean very impressive i adore you so my luv & huge hugs!!


    • Gwendy, thanks for the encouragement, thanks for the compliment, this is just the beginning of what i got inside of me.. Having friends and sisters like you who support me, that is the ultimate.. Hugs and loads of love..

  2. just found ur blog today and this story got me glued to the screen. You have a way with words that carries ur reader into ur imagination and I felt for a minute I was actually seeing the images amd not just reading. I look forward to reading more…….:-) keep it coming please:-)


  3. I like the story about you and Darwin, it seem as if Darwin was made for you and you were also made for Darwin, every woman dream is to meet a man like Darwin and every man dream is meet a woman like the character Darwin was dating. I like the way you play with words, it makes your reader’s to reflect alot and to put themself in one of your character in a form dreaming, what i meant is that dreaming in the scense that they would like to meet some one that would make their dream come true one day like Darwin or the character she was dating.

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