THE DATE… (part 2)

THE DATE... part 2


He  kissed my ear, my lips gently pulled at my lobe and my tongue dated out as he
licked behind it. I moaned  slowly turned my head as i did,  he kissed along
my face until our lips almost met.

Our faces moved together in a union of trust. The moment was electric.. Our
lips rubbed together, tongues came out and gently explored… His breath and
mouth were wonderfully fresh and inviting..  kissing was so good that we kept at
it for a long time.. When we broke for air, i slowly got up, my hand in his..
with a coy, suggestive expression that spoke the unnecessary words..,,

Darwin led me into the bedroom.

The sun was shinning through the window onto the bed.. The covers and sheets
were of bright and warm colors. I stopped and faced him.. we embraced and
kissed.. he carried me letting me on the bed. I parted our bodies and unbuttoned
my blouse… The sun silhouetted his handsome chest.. The warmth of the
invitation was irresistible.


He lowered his head to my breast and cupped it in his hands.. his tongue
circled around the nipple, teasing it into hardness. He licked the nipple and
then used his lips to suck on it while licking.. I started moving sinuously and
moaned with delight. He switched to the other breast.. ( it too deserved equal

He then started kissing his way down my torso, licking under my breasts and
swirling his tongue down to my navel and i recoiled from ticklish feeling…. I
unfastened his shorts and pulled them half way down.


I was wearing a pair of delicate panties that contrasted my dark skin, made
my mons stand out in inviting fashion.. I looked so sexy in it.. He was
reluctant to remove my panties… But then he thought about what was inside and
let the lace went down around my ankles… His hands coaxed me to spread my legs
slightly, he kissed my mons and inhaled deeply… His manly order was sweet
pleasant and clean.. The pheromones hit me immediately.. he pulls my lips apart..
the sight was how you describe it…?? I almost had an orgasm staring at


He kissed me passionately and then stood up.. He quickly untie my bathrobe
belt and let it fall at my feet.. he was so excited, (you know what i am
saying……▼)  We stood  fully naked, staring at each other… He embraced me
and the feeling of his skin against mine was wonderfully sensuous… I pulled
back the covers and we lay side by side on the bed. Our hands ran over each
others bodies caressing and exploring. He gently rolled me over my back and he
asked me to relax and enjoy


His hands caressed my ears, eyes, cheeks, etc.. my tongue following behind. His hands and lips wandering down

my neck to over my chest to a breast. As he licked and suckled my nipples, his hands moved and caressed

down toward my mons. He moved his body further down between my legs. His mouth continued down

spending time licking my navel (hmmmmm wow, but not as ticklish this time). When his mouth got into

my mons, he paused to rearrange our bodies.


He got off bed and knelt at the side.  He position me so that my bottom was at the edge of the bed, his head was between my legs, my legs were resting on his shoulders. That gave him good access to my crotch. He used his hands to part my labia again. As he stared at my  crotch and inhaled my scent, he almost came again. But there was too much joy to enjoy yet.  (hmm oh dear)…  His tongue started by licking my labia slowly, back and forth, one side and then the other…

(close your eyes and use your imagination for a while)

to be continued…



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