As a child I learnt of  mates. That persons are made perfectly for each other.  That there is  that thing called Destiny..

I grow up  believing I  will one day find one, that person I will feel connected to, that  person I will call my mate my “Soul Mate

After much heartache and
many River of tears. This notion I had held into for years began to  fade. How often did I read in books as a little girl and pronounced, many a times these words, “They lived happily ever ”  So often  I close my eyes, and see myself in the act. Secretly I wished, I was the one! (huuuuh…)

I am still waiting on that day. I know it begins no differently than yesterday and the days
before, but it is,  that will change me forever, forever…  A day
that magic and fantasy will become real.

Sometimes I often think of it like … ” it may begin with the holding of eye contact, an
introduction, a smile. Regardless how it began.”    That moment will be

As times and years goes by
and I am moving forward, accepting my failure and proud of my

It will be an “AT LAST…”

How about you, did you find your soul mate, or are you still on a search. ???

How did you get to know your soul mate, how did it began. How does it feel to feel love BEYOND ???

How does it feel to love UNCONDITIONALLY..  ????

Love and bliss…




  1. I love the line: “moving forward, accepting my failure and proud of my success”. As imperfect as we all are, I like how perfectly you portray your imperfection with sincerity! It takes courage & I love you even more for that. I believe love & bliss is yours; And that moment will be unforgettable. ♥♥♥

    • Sunshine, dearest Sunshine, how can i fall deep when you catch me regardless if im good or bad.. Love you so, for all but must of all for being there and being you. Thanks for your support and love.

  2. My dear you are a great poet i really appreciate your articles each time i read it, my heart is heavy and its the reality . Im still in search of a soul mate but one thing i know about recognizing your soul mate is he does nt hurt, he does not give fake promises and even if he does he rectifies it as soon as possible and apologizes for doing what he did, he somuch want to be around , he is interesting in your most intimate private life, like family, work, your well being etc . One thing i know is God said in the creation of man kind that it is not good for a man to be alone that was the reason he created Eve from the rib of Adam this automatically means that every woman is created from the rib of a man so big girls let’s be strong and confident because Soul mates are some were let’s wait for God’s appointed time have a great weekend

    • Thanks Passy, we learn we move ahead, we progress and we keep on searching. It aint over until it is over. Thanks for always being there, for the care and never giving up. You are loved

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