Be real… Be you…!!!

Be real..Be you..

I am useful……      I am true….   I belong… I love being happy
I am somebody ……    I am worthy…  I am as good as you

I need no lies,  but your support

And what I am,  needs no excuses

I need no games , but your encouragement,  and your support

Show me the things you know,  I so want to learn

That calls for no drama, life is so short.

It’s one life and there’s no return and no deposit

One life so it’s time to open up your closet

I wish to  discover the real you and  beyond

I won’t judge you, just want to see the spark in your eyes

I won’t grumble, if you decide other wise

But, be real…,  be you…

After all I play my own deck, sometimes the aces some times the deuces

I  for sure need,  my little pride in my world, and I am not going to hide myself.

Try and  see things from a different angle. Every one has to bang his or her own drums.

Our paths will always cross some way or the other

Seeking someone to talk to, some one to trust,  to smile,  go wild and crazy

(Life is a bliss)  So much to discover and learn out there (One love. Peace) 😉


2 thoughts on “Be real… Be you…!!!

    • Treasure, yes Therra you are, i must say, without the kick you playfully gave me, words of mine would have been deep in there buried. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for the care and love.. Playing with words seems to be that big part of me.. since we deal with reality trying to turn pain into play..

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