Dreams were made for you to have a taste of what you long for.

Hold on to it,  you need not share with any one,  if you want.

Some may come true and some  may not.

I dream my life will be so different from what it seems.

But, I am going to make it look like a dream come true.

Some dreams do really come true…


4 thoughts on “Dreams…

  1. Dreams really do come true. Focus on your goals and what you’d like to achieve, them work strategically towards achieving those goals. With God as your partner, you cannot fail. One love.

    I love your blog, Maureen! It’s a very positive space. Keep writing sis.

    • Thanks Sis, i will work in that sequence. Thanks for taking your time and reading my blog, that means alot to me. With God at our side, we can only move ahead. I will keep it up. Thanks again Sis.

  2. Maureen,

    You have a wonderful blog, so positive just what the world needs nowadays. This “Dreams” post is beautiful! Keep up the great work.
    Michele K.
    P.S. Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

    • Thanks Michele, i love playing with words, blending it with emotions, and reality. Thanks for taking the time to go over my blog. I must say that i love your blog too, that is why the subscribtion.

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