WOMAN.. (you are worth..)

WOMAN..(you are worth)

You are a goddess, your knowledge and wisdom are concealed in mysteries

You are the carrier of our future generations

You are a woman, full of lots.  I know,  you know what you want to be

You need not to cry, stand up brush the dust and  look ahead

You have always survived, all upheavals.

You know how it feels in dark lonely nights, no one to hold you tight, sooth  and, hush your fears..

You know how it is to manage. You know how to sooth a crying baby/child

Don not feel lonely and scared, I know you can manage your rights

It only just begone, the path to your wishes

Because you are strong and beautiful

Step by step we shall make it,

“That’s all it is…”

Women, support each other.. offer a hand, an advice to a sister to a friend, from there on, we can provide our kids a safer environment, one full of love, care and respect…!!

OnE LoVe.. PeAce..!!


One thought on “WOMAN.. (you are worth..)

  1. thank u dear sis, its powerful & very true. Im so glad to read this it lifts my spirit & makes me be proud of being me, being the woman i am & even if i sumtyms feel im not doing enuf but its the best tht i cud do. I think God has made us in such a way,Brave enuf to face life with all its difficulties ,issues & twists. thank u maureen u share the very best!

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