I believe in Love, peace and harmony…


I believe in love peace and harmony

I wish to know, if there was freedom, tell me why everybody wants to fight. I guess because they are a long way from paradise.

Now, no matter what you do it some how comes back to you. You give a bit of love,

it will come back to you.   Give pains, mock, laugh at someone, plot at someone. With time it will come back to you, or to your future, future generations. We are setting more miseries on this beautiful planet.  We forgot about our identity. Setting waves of negativity over the whole place.

I know you got your reasons why you did that, but some reasons ain’t right, give a little thought about it, cool down and set your target. One which is fruitful.

Now, take your time, give a little love, care, and you will see,  you will for sure make a soul happy, and you shall glow in return. It is some kind of booster for the soul

I believe in Peace and Harmony. I believe in Love. I trust only love can set you/us free!  I want and wish you to believe in LOVE as I do..!!!l

OnE LoVe.. PeAce..