ATTITUDE, COMMENTS, when they want to breakup…

I  had this discussion with loads of other people, and this is what Icame up with..

ATTITUDES, COMMENTS, when they want to breakup…

They show you with all sorts of attitudes and comments that they don’t really care if you’re around or about you for that matter, but don’t actually break up with you. And even act offended or sad ’cause they say they think you don’t love them anymore, but with no real basis for saying this..!

They want you to dump them so they can feel guilt free.  Then they feel justified dating your friends (it may be some one else)afterwards

It may also happen that, because they are:
1. Extremely selfish – they want the security of having you even though they know they don’t feel about you as they should.
2.  They are afraid of being alone.
3.  They are cowards

4. They just want sex

***Sometimes it may happen that….. Whenever a person gives mixed messages  it is usually not because they necessarily want to break up just yet, they are showing they are disappointed and unhappy and this has brought resentment into the picture. If you want to save this relationship you will need to really take off the blinders and try to listen to your love one’s heart, listen to what is really being said to you. Some things come out all wrong, when in reality it could be there are unresolved hurt feelings.

What ever the case, if you do not feel it coming, comfortable, it is not a two-way thing, LET IT GO.. (our instinct never fail us..) well I think they do not..

But remember we all got issues to deal with, they may be going through theirs

Hopefully this helped. Nobody needs to be treated badly in a relationship, be kind enough to let others know what you really think… May hurt at the beginning but then they know…