Here am I WORLD…

Here am I WORLD

Hi world, it’s me your girl
When I came into this world I had hopes and dreams
I hoped for happiness, acceptance and understanding
I hoped for peace, warmth and stability
I hoped you would hold my hand direct me as I grew up…
Oh pain!  There’s something you should know,
Halt now, surrender, and listen to what I say,
Every time you hurt, I only thrive and grow

I’m sitting here in my hiding place, i know I’m not alone.
I feel your  presence Oh Lord,  guiding me, taking me along.
In my struggles I grow stronger.. I grow wiser
I will never give up the fight…

7 thoughts on “Here am I WORLD…

  1. Thank you, thank you, Wow im seeing myself & You wont believe how special you have made me feel and those words are so special to me & so true. You have touched me in places that made me feel warm. You are one in a million & You know exactly how i feel and have been through. I respect & admire you, and no wonder ever since I have known you i have been wanting to be like you. You are a beautiful person in & out. You have seen my potential & you feel my pain at the same time. I appreciate all that you have done and said to me in a short space of time you have been friends i cherish all our conversations and time together. God bless u…

  2. Well Gwendy Sister heart… I from the bottom of my heart want to thank you.. You see those things you do say, the care, to yoou, it might be normal, to me it means lots, lots more than anyone can think. I have reached a stage in life where, Spiritual and true friends are those i look forward to. Life is funny, we need no money, (yes that is needed) but what i want to say is, Care, love is nothing you can buy with money. Thanks Sister heart for your courage love and support.

  3. Yes i hear you, I have also come to a stage in my life where im chosing my company, bcos all i need is the care & true love or round ppl tht lift me and more especially not the negative friendship (i dont need) Im gr8ful to God for every opportunity tht he grants us to do & give our best and i dont think i can easily forget this bcos i have learned from the very best! Maureeen God bless u my sister.

  4. Maureen sister heart
    I love your poems and art with the whole you! It gives perpectives on life, love and other mysteries. Money can never make us happy but love in all weathers.

    Sisters! This is what we need! I wish we can be work together in a project in the future! I dream about to have you all as colleagues in something! With all our talents, gifts and other, we create the best!

    My huge love and hugs!!! Thank you Maureen for your wonderful art, heart, beauty and soul. It´s a huge blessing for us all! I pray all you create will continue to create growth!

    • WOW.. WOW.. what my eyes have read, only my heart can feel… You never know, until you grow deep beyond.. spiritually.. I know this wonderful earth is FULL OF LOTS OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE.. better than one can ever think of, we just need time to gather them.. with lil steps we are there.. yes we shall make it..
      Who says money can buy HAPPINESS.. yes money can solve lots of our problems….

      Love you loads thanks for being there, thanks for being you…

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