THE ACT…. Romance


Music playing in the air, the phones rings, in a deep voice he says, can you let me in… “Oh..!!!!, you are, here.., already ?????  “hold on,  a minute, pleeezzzee…!”… I went to the door, took a few steps to let him in, he leaned against the door, my head head tilted back, one hand pressed against my chest. My eyes were almost closed, as my lips slightly open as if I was out of breath. Jezzzzz…!!!! He reached out towards me, and in an instant we were in each other’s arms..

With one arm around me, he tried to undress me, that was done very clumsily, I made an attempt  to help, as my leader coat slip on the floor. My numerous bottons, actually defeated him, (trust us women and our complicated dresses Smile,) .. he finally fumbled as I slipped out freeing myself from my dress and his grip. He pushed me frantically back toward the bed and stripped off his own clothes with his free hand. None of us made any sound. I did not even attempt to open my eyes to look at him.. but I clung to him more tightly than ever, as in fear of falling. I took his face between my hands as he kissed my neck and my eyes.  I lay passive as he clawed off the last of his clothes. Keeping himself under control he unbuttoned me more easily now..

Guess what?.. He had waited so long to see my naked body, now at last, he gazed at it.. He then eased my legs apart the lips of my vulva opened up to his eyes like two long petals, converging into the whorl of my clit… Damn, he was sweating profusely as excited as a boy during his first sexual experience… (Oh Lord..) His hands began to wonder all over me, touching lightly and carefully. He held me so tight and close to him.. He grasp my right nipple in his mouth, while letting his free hand explore the rest of my body… From my waist to my stomach, hips and legs.  (feels like heaven, lol…) As his hands moved to touch my clit, I moaned and I found that I was warm and wet. In a wild ecstasy of delight, he kissed me full on my mouth.

Then… he lay back to calm himself, I slowly caressed his tommy, while placing soft passionate kisses.. soft biting his neck, shoulder, back, tommy, tights. Finally I caress his penis, a drop, fluid swelled on its tip.. He pulled me on him and reached for me….. Suddenly he stifled a cry, pressed down on me and  ejaculated uncontrollably.

Then he says in a soft voice, I’m so so sorry, he said foolishly as he wiped my tights with soft tissue paper.. “It’s been such a long time since i…. since I …. Trust me, to me those words were anything but tactful… I made no reply.  But we cradled our hands as we lay side by side, smiling at each other with great satisfaction….!