WOMAN.. (you are worth..)

WOMAN..(you are worth)

You are a goddess, your knowledge and wisdom are concealed in mysteries

You are the carrier of our future generations

You are a woman, full of lots.  I know,  you know what you want to be

You need not to cry, stand up brush the dust and  look ahead

You have always survived, all upheavals.

You know how it feels in dark lonely nights, no one to hold you tight, sooth  and, hush your fears..

You know how it is to manage. You know how to sooth a crying baby/child

Don not feel lonely and scared, I know you can manage your rights

It only just begone, the path to your wishes

Because you are strong and beautiful

Step by step we shall make it,

“That’s all it is…”

Women, support each other.. offer a hand, an advice to a sister to a friend, from there on, we can provide our kids a safer environment, one full of love, care and respect…!!

OnE LoVe.. PeAce..!!


Kissed by LIFE…


Kissed by LIFE

Woke up this morning by kisses of life

Felt air though my nosestrils

Turned my head to the window and saw the sun smiling down at me

Like out of space, I heard the birds twitter

Twittering the most beautiful melody ever

At that moment I knew I was alive and loved

I knew I was fortunate  to be alive

I knew I was blessed with free life,

free air, free music, free me…

 Celebrate and appreciate every moment of your life..

Life is too good for pains


Desire, love and understanding…

Love, Desire, and understanding...

Like  soft  breeze…

You gently caress me with your eyes
As I lay here beside you
Drinking in your charms

It reaches to the deepest part of my soul
You are just so damn passionate, so intoxicating
Taking my breath away as you caress  me softly with your  hands

Then our lips meet in harmony two pairs of lips uniting in a kiss

Such Sweet, tender, silent lips like warm blood
Pulsating like a hormonic lad
Glowing like flames…
Every breath making the moment sizzle (lol… you feel m.e) 😉

You softly say to me, in a husky voice, “your
skin feels like the petals of a rose”

Giving me that feeling which
takes me to a heightened state of exhilaration…. (moans..aaah)

Trapped in a passionate bliss
The mutual sound gives emphasis

My body trembles in ecstasy

As you explore every curve

Covering every inch of my body with kisses

Never would i have  known, if not of your desire,
touch, caress  and understanding ….

 Kisses… Kisses… Kisses…

I know with the right person, right time and place
Two hearts will beat in such a
fast pace….