Let’s take good enough and turn it to GREAT..!!!!


You are Mother/ Father from afar. Not by choice but by circumstance.
You have learnt how to hear what is not said, feel what is
not seen, and say what should be said.
Your Kids have learnt to take verbal hits from US and those you love because they don’t always understand why you are apart.

I know and feel you love your kids from where ever you are,  most times and up close sometimes.The way you talk about them when they ain’t there, the way you look at their pictures, holding on to  those precious moments you all shared. The glitter in your
eyes, says it all.

But… when you meet, I know that,  you shall enjoy the dream Of action, war and quest
And they shall lay their sleepy little head Upon your loving Chest.

That’s just what counts in life….   No dollar in the world can buy that…*****


4 thoughts on “DEDICATED TO SINGLE PARENTS….*****

  1. My sister u r a wonderful mother with great qualities i can see you always you best and you will get your reward from God. I admire the woman tht you are and thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us and meant to share and i appreciate what you are trying to bring to us in making this wold a much better place and learning to except and deal with the circumstances. I am smiling at you xoxoxoxxoxoxxo

    • My dear, being a single parent i know you feel what i wrote. I wish kids could be spared from this drama, but since it is what it is.. We got to make the best out of it sister heart

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