CANCER AWARENESS~ Dedicated to those suffering from cancer…

I lost a handful of my precious family members against CANCER, some are still sick of IT.. My love and prayers to those suffering from it.

We didn’t see it coming
we had no time to prepare
the cancer took their lives
as if it didn’t give a care

As i watch this terrible disease
take those i love so dearly
i can’t help but ask for strength
from the Almighty above

Each breath is weaker
than the last, i pray they get help
i pray and wish i could cure the past

To the Almighty, I ask to cure the pain they feel
I so asked him for the help to heal them..

                                                ✿ܓ✿ ܓ✿ ܓ✿ ܓ


7 thoughts on “CANCER AWARENESS~ Dedicated to those suffering from cancer…

  1. thank you for showing compassion, I recently lost my aunty and so many other family members before her its seems to be a chain in our family and its become a major concern. I am hoping that God will hear our prayers to finding a cure to this dreadful disease called cancer.

    • My dear, this illness along side with others.. have taken the lives of precious people in our lives, we searching for answers, and solutions to it.. Hope is the word.. WE HOPE… Hugs dear and sorry to hear that.. It hurts

  2. Hope is always
    Sometimes it seems that all the news is bad. Sometimes it seems that the world around you is tumbling hopelessly downhill and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.
    Yet that is never the case. For the more difficult life becomes, the more motivated everyone becomes to make real, substantial, positive changes.
    Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Because when situations become difficult, people become determined.
    And when enough people become determined enough, good and positive and valuable things begin to happen. Hope, which may have previously been nearly impossible to see, begins to spring into action.
    When the darkness becomes unbearable, someone will step forward and shine a light. And that light will inspire others, and others, and others.
    Hope is always there. The more it is needed, the more powerful and effective it grows.

    — Ralph Marston

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