Lovely Golden hair, just like your Soul…

Lovely Golden hair just like your Soul

You are a wonderfully, giving, person inside and out
A thoughtful, treasured, friend without a doubt.

I don’t think you will ever fully understand
How you’ve touched many  lives, making the impossible, possible, educating  and  giving the chance to others. Making them who they are
I don’t think you could ever know
Just how truly special  you are, always happy for the success of others.

You have a big  sense of equality.  There are no rules  about how a friendship has to be in your world. You are always able to share your life with  another human being, by all means.  Go right ahead Sweetheart. .

And I just wanted to say thank you,
from the bottom of a grateful and thankful heart.
I don’t think you could ever know
Just how truly special and unique you are

People like me are thankful for wonderful people like you. For your unending kindness in your heart..

5 thoughts on “Lovely Golden hair, just like your Soul…

  1. This is wonderful from the heart and very true words. I am so glad to read this and Mau one thing about you, you, you read a persons and you see further than one could have imagined about yourself and by sitting and thinking you find, oh but she is so right.You have wisdom and you help people see their worth and you encourage people to empower themselves and strangely so about you; Is you dont even have to dig deep, but yet you find those hidden treasures that might have taken us much longer to see so you are a true blessing.You give your time to give love and to share and I cant thank you enough for what you are doing. You are a motivater and you have so much more to offer. You have talents, you stand out and if i was a man I would grab you and never let go of you. I wish you much happiness and you need to know that you loved and aprpeciated!

    • My sister heart it takes just alil to know who your friends are,especially when u love them, and you are interested in the things they do.. Sure Sure u can know what is going on with them… I DO CARE AND LOVE YOU ALL.. thanks for the moments…

  2. Sister heart Maureen Njotsa Lermer ♥ your poem and art to me, touches my heart deeply. Thank you ♥ I can´t understand how this gift, can come to me. The woman you are, makes my life rich with art and beauty! I thank God for the gift you are and blessing. For many with me, you share art from the heart! Hugs and love! Thank you for your art and heart for many with me♥ My huge love and hugs! ♥ ♥

    The way you describe me is me! Your heart and soul know me. Touches my heart and soul deeply with love. So many times you come with thoughts that lift our spirit and soul to perspectives. I am forever grateful to God for the gift you are, Maureen.

    I am so grateful and proud to be sister with you and sisters and brothers with us!

    Hugs and love from your Emma Hedlund sister forever!

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