The ME..


The ME…

“It was apparent to me that I was not writing the kind of poems in which meaning
was stated clearly and explicitly…  “I am aware, fully aware that my poems deal with the life within myself, where the mind tries to find a sort of coherence from the mass of things in the world outside it.

“My poems were born of love, of love’s selfishness and of a huge self-pity, pain, anxiety, joy a mixture of craziness and youthfullness or like the poems of many whom I admire.

And it is only of myself I thought as words took possession of my senses, measured me and linked me with the fabled kingdom of love. “You see,  searching moves me and I am unable to resist them in my poetry.. I am always searching for answers, I could easy brush them aside and pretend they never exist..

But, but I must say, I take things the way they come, after all the answer is always the same.. put it a plus or a minus.. the end result is an answer I still got to deal with it.. SO I FLOW WITH LIFE…


13 thoughts on “The ME..

  1. Great to see you posting again. I wondered what was going on. Remember, this is your blog. You need to write what you feel inside. Somedays your readers may understand your writing and some days they may not. What they need to always understand is you are writing from your heart.

    • Dearest Michele thanks alot. Your words are very encouraging. YES i will remember your words. I could not also log into my blog or read and comment on other blogs. Finally i gave a try and it worked.
      Bless your heart..!! Thanks for your concern..!

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