Cooking African Healthy treats Gluten-Free with Nursery school Kids… :)

They greeted me with a Song from Kenya.. sweet..

Ginger tea and co in the making....

Each one did help in cutting the vegetables and fruits.. they did a great job

It was such a lovely day with the Nursery school kids.. Their little grimace  directed  right at me, and the expression of innocence that grabs me every time, they want to ask me a question..

We did exchange ideas.. I was impressed about their ideas.. regarding nutrition..

With their big  eyes that light up each time they get excited and those eyes are  the window to a soul that knows only truth…………

All I heard is their babble and some laughter…..  I knew that there was a piece of heaven right there

I wish I had the magic touch for each one of them… I hope I did answer their questions..

They enjoyed every bite..

Thank you for letting me be part of you today. Thank you for being so co-operative…..  Each one of you was AWESOME….  🙂

MENU of the Day (Ginger tea, coconut rice, fried ripe plantains, Puff-Puff;  and an Exotic fruit salad…)  ALL GLUTEN-FREE…