Dedicated to my cousin.. Deloris 


I ain’t gonna say much… Dee…

Just want to let you know that, I’m so proud, of the who you are !

You may be small, but your dreams are BIG! Helping people, being strong, and always staying true to yourself. Your future lies in your own two hands, not in a crystal ball.


You are awesome. You share the best with friends, your bubble gum,   bear hugs, laughter, jokes and lots of super-secrets. Just like your friends, so we are, your family, we just can’t have enough of you!

You are unique on the outside, as on the inside.


you  really super cool. Open hearted. . . always going some place special with something important, mischievous… 😉  to do. I know, what you hurt for..  i so wish your wishes come true..


Grandma is sure  proud of you…. love you ALWAYS…!!!


Been missing you…!!!!

Been missing you...!

As I lay me down,  I have been wishing,  hoping.. wanting, lusting to be held, .. to feel your warmth, to feel your beating heart…Been missing you,  your strong arms, that  holds me firm, protecting me.. Do you know that,  for a moment for a while… my worries are blown away.???
I Just want to fall deep into your awaiting arms.. so that my desires
our desires will be filled,
We will be comforting, ´holding and loving each other… With a mixture of dreaming passionate tender warm kisses and embraces ..  As you fill me with your loving words.. you  give me the  feeling we belong……