Rendezvous in milkyway…

 I wish for the dreams that brings you near. So that I can feel your lips on my hips, my thighs Oh My!….. Mummmm this can’t be right, everything feels so tight The feeling of the blood in my veins turning warm.  The perspiration of my skin lets me know you are near,  in those wonderful dreams in which  our souls meets and  caresses once again. We getting so deep into each others sweet scent and touch.

“We  lay side by side  so that our breath may touch our hearts. It feels like the warmth of the sun that lies within your smile. We caress each other passionately…, it feels like we are  amongst the clouds of want and desire. Deep in my sleep I  found  the dream I seek  to reach your  soul.
As you walk with me forever into this night’s wish, Lets leave happiness, love to show us the way. slowly take me into your arm and feel the strength your love brings. While our kisses guides us, our tongues search for each others …  melancholy.

You see who captured my dreams…????  It’s YOU,  who consumes every thought that touches the sky.  Phew..   I slowly dare,  to open my eyes in the hope you  lay beside me. Hoped I may see, feel and touch what I thought was only a dream.


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