MOTHER – DAUGHTER – endless bond…-

MOTHER-DAUGHTER "endless bond"

It has always been from generation to generations.. However life may turn, this gift will be a mountain that has made many river  to bend, as well as  flow the same way to the sea.

We Know this bond which was built for years will not go away without leaving a trace.
We know our lives just for a brief eternity. We got to Understand truths that never end.

But still with lots of patients, love and understanding Mother you teach me lots, to become a real girl, lady and for sure…  future mother of your grand children
We’ve  been best  friends, even if i ll have to  go far away for many years. Please I won’t leave you without letting you knowing how I feel as  time nears. I know you’re older, more mature, full of wisdom and far beyond me in some ways. But there’s between us something pure that’s given me these magic .
I will for ever thank you for the love, patience, lessons, tips, recipes….. I promise l will  bring forth the same ritual to my daughter(s)  “I love you….. endlessly.. MOTHER….


11 thoughts on “MOTHER – DAUGHTER – endless bond…-

    • Sorry dear, mothers are something.. i never really knew mine, but i knew my grandma, auntys and other wonderful women in my life… they passed down to me their wisdom.. lil secrates.. etc..

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