Knowing my heart means.. you love me..

Knowing my heart means….. you know I am willing to give a try..

Knowing my heart love me  because I am honest  and strong ..

Knowing my heart means.... you Care...!!

Knowing my heart means….  you know  where you belong,  right here with me were you  hold me ,console me and be my best friend.

Knowing my heart means…. you are able to light up my days fill my heart and my soul with your sweet loving ways

knowing my heart means.... you trust me....!!!

Knowing my heart means.. you never pretend and if I am hardheaded you always give in,  you,re so easy to love so hard to forget faithfully and true.

Knowing my heart means.... we belong together...

Knowing my heart means… I love you because you are quick to forgive overlooking my faults each day that I live so slow to anger so quick to respond to my loving wishers above and beyond…

Knowing my heart means......

By Maureen Lermer


7 thoughts on “KNOWING my HEART Means….

  1. You 1 Sexy woman You have it all! YOu lack nothing in character or spirit! This is called living I learn my dear sister I learn and not leaving out I love you lots………

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