1001 reasons ….(plus = minus) we must deal with the ANSWER

1001 reasons.. i got to stand up right

He says.. 1001 reasons why love don’t love me.. So I thought,   but, we could..change the DON’T LOVE ME to DO LOVE ME… OR rather.. lets flow with the END RESULTS…

So I watch what he meant and found out that,.. he was telling us that you can patch up mold yours and make it worth.. Because that 1001 reasons he searches for the ultimate answers way beyond….!!

He meant..

“because the wind does not require the Grass To answer-Wherefore when it pass by, so you  can not keep your place…”  Time is always your partner… as you indulge yourself from one activity to another
I  know  enough your search for  Wisdom….
As we sleep,  we shut our world of thoughts, that’s when yours starts…

1001 reasons... all i got is TIME

Sometimes we can’t tell if you’re excited or upset, But trust me, we know you are out there to encourage the most….  Those who have passes through you  would never regret. Not to talk of those who still enjoys the comforts of knowing you.  Think of all your friends, old, and new….

This is the  time to be free. You could be a writer, a lawyer, a doctor, a cook, a journalist, a poet, singer… With just a pick up of your knowledge. You know it’s time  to be let out of the nest…..

1001 reasons... i got to follow my destiny... take a risk, make a change.. make a move

It’s a hard decision to make, But it’s a risk you’ll have to  take. Just take it easy, You’ll know when you’re ready.,… bu deep in me… I trust that, you  are on the roll..

By Maureen Lermer


8 thoughts on “1001 reasons ….(plus = minus) we must deal with the ANSWER

  1. Im soooooooooooooooo fired up everytime i read this Maureen. you are an inspiration to the inspirers! lol. A motivation to motivators. Thanks so much.

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