What a fabulous night for romancing.. the moon is out shinning bright through the window.. I see sparkles in your eyes.. I know this night is going to be magical, special, awesome.. ..  As you take my hands looked ino my eyes and  whisper to me..”you look  beautiful tonight”. That was it, to get me melt into your arms..  You bruise me, I bruise you…  I  just can’t wait  to make love to you tonight, get ourselves become one… Hold me do not be scared.. open up and feel free…  But first I want to be sure that the moment is right.. Oh wait ,  that was too fast… let’s go back and take it slowly…..

I want to kiss your lips, and then move to your cheeks, move to your ears..blow warm air into them. How do you feel..Do you like it..? Hold on, let me move right along that little ear of yours and soft bite it..,  oh my… let me move along your chest… kissing every open spot… ,  now im going to  move back up to your neck´… Kissing slowly.. I know you like it as I feel your body responding to my kisses, you breathing real hard..

My love and passion is all i got to share with you..

I then go down slowly, as I kiss your chest your hands go up …but I’m not finished yet…. LOVE… I still got to work my self  further down towards your navel… oh my…mmmmm . You then lift my head up to give me a deep passionate kiss …..we playing with our lips while trying to catch each others tongue …  I  move down past your waist line to kiss you passionately down there… Damn…

Tell me baby is it only me, or do you feel the same….????

Oh dear.. is this reality or is it  only in my fantasies… choked up with my passions for you

So much to share with you…!!!!

by Maureen Lermer


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