LYRICS OF THE SOUL.. by Maureen Lermer

Lord, this is my prayer....Not only on Christmas Day But until I see You face to face May I live my life this way: helping and understanding others.. 🙂


Like the growing Christ child In wisdom daily learning, May I ever seek to know You With my mind and spirit yearning... 🙂


Just like the Son so faithful please help me follow in Your light, Meek and bold, humble and strong. I do Not want to be afraid to face the night. Not afraid to face anything.. 🙂

So sad but true, Christmas comes with sadness, and a yearning deep inside, a thirst for love and peace and hope that will not be denied. 🙂


Though great may be the cost, Mindful how You rescued me From broken-hearted loss...!!!! So while this world rejoices And celebrates Your birth, I treasure You..... Your worth...!!!! 🙂


...... may heaven welcome others Who will join with me in praise Because I lived for Jesus Christ Not only Christmas Day ..!!!

Special thanks to both models… Nina Lakota and Malaika Lermer






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