Time can’t beat my thoughts

Time Won’t weight me down

Time won’t make me crumble..

Time can only give me strength to carry on..

Time ain’t gonna stop the thoughts I got deep in me, for I am straight on working on my plans.. I ll make sure, I bring them out to light….

Time will always bring out what is false and vain…

Time, so little is my loss, so little is my gain.. so little is my grief and so is my joy

Time I know that, when every thing that is sincerely good, and perfectly divine, With truth, and peace, and love, shall ever shine

Time  for those  I love ALWAYS…

TIME oh TIME.. I am too poor to loose you, I ll make sure.. to do my best with the remaining TIME I got…!!!!!!

yours truely Maureen Lermer……





4 thoughts on “TIME…

  1. I love your poem! You help me to put words on thoughts! Thank you my sister heart ❤

    Your art creates miracles ❤ Thank you for the miracle you are ❤

    Hugs and love from your Emma sister in Schweden!

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