FEARS…by Maureen lermer

 Fear does not arise because we feel utterly alone…!!


If we were totally alone there

wouldn’t be anything to fear It comes from the fact that we imagine there are forces ready to attack us, things that escape from our power to understand.Our fear arises from what we can’t grasp.

 What we don’t understand is actually what fills us with dread. The moment we realize that things that go beyond our knowledge are not harmful, then the object of fear disappears.

I’ll share with you my stories on my fears and how I combat my fears… it took me a while to know who I am where I am heading to… if I should make someone responsible for my failures.. or misshapen.. So..Fear, was the answer… WHY FEAR….!!! I’ll look forward and grab those chances …. (I ll be back…. hold on…)  😉




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