Fit For Fun...

Achieving a healthy state in your body requires more than massage; it also requires regular exercise good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Your massage therapist can relieve muscle tension and trigger points, but if you do not stay fit your muscle disorder is much more likely to return.Fit For Fun

“Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.” -Alan Thicke  

Definition of being physically fit One definition of physical fitness is as follows: “Being physically fit is having the energy to perform your daily duties alertly and with vigor, while also maintaining adequate energy for leisure activities.

Fit For Fun

Far too many people mistakenly believe that staying in shape has to mean doing  exercise you dislike. There are so many different ways that you can promote  better health while also getting closer to the body that you desire. By  performing the type of exercise you enjoy most, you will really increase your  chances of sticking with it in the long run.

Out door sports is great..!!

Staying in shape can be as simple as going for a daily walk each morning and  performing two weight training sessions in the gym each week during the  evening.

I believe in having   a healthy life style no matter the season and staying fit for life.


8 thoughts on “FIT FOR FUN.. 3Fs..

  1. Love this. I really I’m inspired by your blog. It gives me hope that I can be as positive when i become a mother. Your blog helps people. Thanks you!

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