NATURE IS….. amazing…

Nature is......

Nature is LoVe

Nature is you and me....


I ll spend hours watching the sky display, like it was in a movie.. the leaves flatter… as the wind romances my ears and face… my mind is focused.. on the wonders NATURE got to offer… ´My camara always ready to captivate those moments…


oNe lOvE pEaCe……

Strickly for laughs… “My offer”

Kind gesture!!

I appreciate your writing. Yet am corced to split the summary of my offer (on this negotiating table) into two because I don’t know how endowed you are with logistics(time, poetic etc.

THE LIST I CAN OFFER you is the Golden rule.

1.Do unto others as you would they unto you.

2.Do unto others as they would be done.

These means I will see you exactly as myself,treat you as I would treat myself , plus as you would permit me to treat you. As a gent, I will appreciate our similarities and respect our differences. Old invaluable virtues that I will decorate you with are,,,,,,,,,,,Truth, honesty, caring, understanding, and friendship. yes I said friendship because it is very essential, not only between friends but also between lovers and even couples. My dad once answered when asked the secret of his 55 yrs happy marriage with my mum ‘FRIENDSHIP is what keep us rolling’  🙂

 THE MAXI I CAN OFFER you is my last name. I decided to include this cos I believe in the maximum reward.Having grown up from a home, I mean a very happy home, i inspire to have one too. I still believe in eternity of marriage, that is ,till death do part.

Well I don’t know which of the two offers you will welcome most but I am really happy making a wonderful lady like you such an offer. I will still consider you my angel even if it turns out negative.

Hear from you if you aint so wondering! your offer on the table??? smile

🙂                                               🙂                                               🙂

Sometimes you gotta…… (….)

Sometimes you gotta....

Sometimes you gotta run away
So you can see who will run after you,
Sometimes you gotta talk quieter
Just to see whose listening.
Sometimes you gotta step up in a fight …
Just to see who’s by your side?
Sometimes you gotta make the wrong decision
To see who’s there to fix it.
Sometimes you gotta let go of the one you love
Just to see if they love you enough to come back!

Dear Mother…

This is going to be one difficult letter to you… (deep breath)

Dear Mother...

 Wish I could call you  MUMMY … and really feel it deep in my heart.. But I do not really know you …I do not even know if you loved me…or remember how wonderful it felt to be held in your arms.. your voice.. your eyes.. your smile…..

I don’t even know what your likes and dislikes.. are..
Did you love me.. ?  Are you thinking of me.. ? Do you miss me…? Where you mad at me? (I was only three months old baby…when you gave me to my dads Mum…………(my  grandma)

It is strange for me to even think of you…. and actually writing to you… You would be surprised I am not the least angry with you… why should I be… you gave me the most important gift ever.. you brought me into this world…

But at the same time I do not really know who you are.. I can’t even bring myself to be mad or even  blame you…

 I can’t ask you these questions like….,  when did I start creeping, how was my first steps.. when did I get my first tooth..   You actually never encouraged me..get mad at me.. or advice me… You, weren’t there to teach me how to wear a sanitary pad…. or showed me how to carry myself like a lady..

 But wait…. Grandma was there.. yes!!  She was the first person who came to my rescue… She showed me love… For the first time.. I felt and knew how it felt to feel the heart beat of a Mother (my grandma) in my eyes I saw her as my mother.. in my soul,, she was the only Mum I knew.. I called her “Mami..”  She did sooth me when I was weary.. hush me to sleep.. She had sleepless nights when I was sick..(I use to be a very sick child)  Guess what… I was allowed to sleep so close and tight to her…  She sang for me.. carried me on her back until she could no more…she was the best.. ever….. She was always there to defend and protect me…

Most of all she always reminded me… she loves me…. I knew it,… I felt it … her gestures.. was so right to make me know she loves me endlessly…and unconditionally

Many knew grandma was my Mum.. she thought me how to sew my first little dress for my doll,  how to cook, and clean the place.. my first baking was a fiasco… now.. im a profi..!!

Never mind Mother.. I grew up being a strong lady.. mastering many challenges… seen many beautiful things, travel the world.. met wonderful souls… found friends.. as well as pains and disappointments… trust me… in the midst of all these… im sorry to say I never missed you… I grew to learn to cope with what so ever came my way, with no buts… and ifs

Oh not forgetting aunty Joe.. she played a big role in my upbringing.. She helped mold me the woman I am today……

I got three wonderful kids.. Xaver, Malaika and Franz…I am trying to do my best to bring them up, .. be there for them.. so long as life permits me to…

How often have they asked me about who my real Mother  is/was.. I tried to gather the pieces to tell them who you are.. but I found none.. to describe who you are…

 In my heart, I want to belive that, you did not dislike me.. but that you gave me to my grandma out of care.. I won’t ask you why… I won’t bother you.. I will for ever respect your wish…

Our paths may never cross again… you may not see your grand children…  but whatever the case… Know that I do respect you…! (I wish i could bring myself to say I love you..!!) Strange..

Thanks for bringing me into this world…


“…. The most say,  I am a good, loving and caring woman… Yes I am…!!!”

Dear Mother...


 It’s impossible” said pride.

 “It’s risky” said experience.

“It’s pointless” said reason.

 “Give it a try” whispered the heart.”

 “Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow Tomorrow’s dreams”



Everybody loves pretty flowers-even bugs and birds! Flowers aren’t just nice to look at…..

Blue Allure...

Flowers come in various shapes, colours, sizes and scent… For many reasons… sessions  and occations…!!!  🙂

Blooming tales...

Rose with drops of water....

blue wisper

yellow glam..


caption time..... I am always fascinated by nature ..!!

2011 in review… Special thanks to all my readers.. You are all AWESOME… OnE LoVe.. PeAce..!!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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Why You Should Speak Kindly Of Others

(Author’s Note:  This is a lesson from “The Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar” by Gretchen Rubin.  You will find periodic references to her calendar through-out the year, if I feel the subject for that day needs to be brought to your attention.)

A Golden Reason

It is obvious that you should speak well of other because of the Golden Rule.  You would not want them speaking bad about you, so why would you speak bad about them?

Another Reason

The other reason comes from Gretchen Rubin’s 2012 “The Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar for today 1/3 –

Spontaneous Trait Transference.

“In ‘spontaneous trait transference’ people spontaneously and unintentionally associate what you say about the qualities of other people with the qualities of youIf you describe a colleague as hilarious, for example, the listener associates you with that quality.  Ever wonder why people want to kill the messenger who bring bad news?  Trait transference.”