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Why You Should Speak Kindly Of Others

(Author’s Note:  This is a lesson from “The Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar” by Gretchen Rubin.  You will find periodic references to her calendar through-out the year, if I feel the subject for that day needs to be brought to your attention.)

A Golden Reason

It is obvious that you should speak well of other because of the Golden Rule.  You would not want them speaking bad about you, so why would you speak bad about them?

Another Reason

The other reason comes from Gretchen Rubin’s 2012 “The Happiness Project Page-A-Day Calendar for today 1/3 –

Spontaneous Trait Transference.

“In ‘spontaneous trait transference’ people spontaneously and unintentionally associate what you say about the qualities of other people with the qualities of youIf you describe a colleague as hilarious, for example, the listener associates you with that quality.  Ever wonder why people want to kill the messenger who bring bad news?  Trait transference.”