Everybody loves pretty flowers-even bugs and birds! Flowers aren’t just nice to look at…..

Blue Allure...

Flowers come in various shapes, colours, sizes and scent… For many reasons… sessions  and occations…!!!  🙂

Blooming tales...

Rose with drops of water....

blue wisper

yellow glam..


caption time..... I am always fascinated by nature ..!!


10 thoughts on “BLOOMING TALES…

  1. Pretty photos. I love that flowers have a language of their own and in presenting a bouquet to someone, you are also telling them something special.

    • Sweetheart… i had no internet connection for about 6 weeks, the first week i thought i would not survive.. but trust me.. it was hard but i did survive…. here i am.. Thank alot for your care… i will check the award.. thanks alot, thats so nice of you.. bless your heart of gold… 🙂

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