DESIRE… by Delories


Wanting without thought of consequences.

Needing with every fiber of my exisence.

Burning with searing pain from the lack of…

Unbearable aches

simmering just  beneath the surface

Needing release that remains ellusive.

Thoughts that stubbornly remain

a constant and permanent

fixture of wants and needs

Is what i call


by Deloris

I AM ME… by Deloris Taku..

I AM ME.. by Deloris

(This is a wonderful poem written by my cousin.. though they her thoughts, I  saw the ME in them…)

I am unique and familiar

I am strange and intriguing

I am me, I am me, I am me…

A maze of contradictions

defiant and compromising

Passionate but aloof.

Strong enough to fight for what I believe in

Yet stubbornly persistent to fight on,

after the cause is lost

generous plenty to give everything I AM

without thought or hesitation

and selfish enough to hold back without guilt

I let my emotions race to their limits with no

attempt at avoidance, consequences be damned….