Dedicated to the sick, weak and weary Children… **(my love to YOU.!!)**


The other day i caught my sick son praying to God, as I quietly approached his bed …, He said.. “”Mami, i always talk to God..asking him to take away my pains.. but,  I still do not feel any better..”” Gosh.. how my heart sunk..!!!!  The only thing that came to my mind was,  .I know you are strong but still too weak, and sick.  Be strong,  the Lord is always with you..    I hear you in my heart and feel you  in my soul …. I know .. YOU WILL ONE DAY BE WITHOUT PAINS !!! For you are PRECIOUS AND SPECIAL

Sometimes we can’t help those little meak sick children, we look at their lifeless little  bodies laying  there with no strength, even when they try to force a smile just to see your sad face beam back at them. We try to empathize with them.. showing  them that we love, care, and are there for them at all the times..

Sometimes…  I am  so powerless..  desperate, because I can’t help him. I turn to God for help, praying He takes the pains, worries  off sick Kids…   .As I hold my sick baby in my loving arms…soothing .. I murble a prayer within me…

 “Lord” I say….. You know what each child is going through, You see their hurt, anxiety…..  Through whatever they may face.  I pray that the you will strengthen,soothe their pain and calm their anxious fears. PLEASE Lord let their fretting cease.

Things will be ok... !!!


2 thoughts on “Dedicated to the sick, weak and weary Children… **(my love to YOU.!!)**

  1. So beautiful said, and I hope he start feeling better soon. In my prayers! God Bless

    Reminds me of the little one’s in my life they can’t say whats hurting them when they a baby, as they grow older to see the strength they have is so amazing. Truly touch my heart to read this piece.

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