Amor tan tierno – love so sweet..

I am so fascinated by languages…. The way love is expressed, happiness, saddness, madness… .. So unique in their ways,.. Yet,  do mean the same…!! Here is my first try in Spanish/ english….. 🙂

love so sweet..

momentos tan preciosos…

filling every bit of my universe ..

con, caricias como plumas…

calmar mi cuerpo

Hold me close, closer to your heart…

Yes,… abrázame fuerte,…….  más cerca de tu corazón 

Me amas, como nunca antes… thats what i long for…

Love me now, love me tomorrow, me ama para siempre  ..



8 thoughts on “Amor tan tierno – love so sweet..

  1. Awesome poem and job with the Spanish! (I think, as I’m learning myself)
    I’m starting lessons this week and I hope I can write poetry in Spanish someday soon. Here’s my current favorite song. Usher actually does a Bachata song with Romeo Santos (half Spanish and half English)

    • Bachata.. you gotta to love that..!! Thanks for the link..(smiling) Thanks for the compliment.. I love spanish.. each time i listen to them sing, i melt.. You will for sure enjoy your Spanish classes.. Im learning via an aplication i installed in my phone..” Busuu..” it is fun…

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