Paula and Balu.. “The incredible two”

Animals are wonderful companions.. Especially those two below. They are very loyal..playful, and do provide us with  non-trivial health benefits, relieve stress to those who love having them around.. This two are just amazing.. I love they way they salut me when i go to visit them..

Paula.. got the grace of a real lady.. so caring..

Balu is such a sweetheart...

Balu so full of tricks..

Paula use to be sick.. ever since Badu joint in that lovely family.. she became full of life and vitality.. they are both sweethearts..

Thanks Kramberg’s for letting me use your dogs as my models.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Paula and Balu.. “The incredible two”

  1. What nice photos of the dogs. I think animals are great, too. How neat that Badu joining the family helped Paula to become full of life after being sick. Nice they are friends and loving animals. Always like to hear about loving animals, too. Sincerely, Connie Webb

    • Thank Connie… i love animals and buggs alot… they got a way to pull on with humans.. They share so much love.. You need to see how good these dogs are to each other.. Thats the way i will wish.. humans should be with humans…

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