Twirl playfully between tongue and teeth..

Twirl playfully between tongue and teeth

you suck my yearning breasts, glistening with passion

Exploding quickly in your mouth

Filling it with my taste

Intelligent hands freely roam

Touching me in places that excite untamed emotions

 Hands between thighs play in juices provided from the valleys

 Overflowing silky down the sides

Legs open wide for pleasure

Joy awaiting its pain

Pain.. Joyfully awaiting its pleasure

You touch me again … (im melting inside….)

Adding heat to our flames

Feathery fingers walk the rest of the way

 meet up on my nipples

 Spend more time on my breasts

(Damn… breathing hard now..)You Caressing my sides is just plain elementary

 Like a trained interpreter  You decipher my speech…..

My  zeeeeeeees (zeezs)… Mmmmmmmmms  Eeeeehns

And what they mean .. 😉

 As skillfully we play between the sheets

 From bed to floor

 from couch to chair

 A game of tag

Overflowing into living room



 Open legs

 Hot burning desires

Hot burning desires of you and me…

Copyright (c)  2012  Maureen Lermer


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