Thy cradle.. ⊰♥⊱ A F R I C A⊰♥⊱

Attending to my endless needs.. With such affection, Assisting me where and whenever you can.  Assaults.. they throw at you… Still you are….

Fierce..!! NO..!!  just  Friendly, a Fighter so Free spirited… You are my Favorite, for you Florish oh so ever.. No need to be Frighten.. For you are…

Rare, did you Realize that… no reason to be devastated.. for you are Reasonable Regardless. Rich in every ways… I hope one day you shall forever Recover.. No time for Regrets, lets Rejoice for our future generations

I know you are the Ideal one, no doubts about that.. You have always Impressed me with your brilliant Ideas and ways..Oh dear, how can I Ignore your plea…!!! Do you even know how Important you are….?? My love for you is so Intense… Interesting you seem not to notice it… or did you….??  “murmuring” 😉

Conflicts you try to solve in your pace, Courageous and Confident in your ways.. Capabel of lots. I will Confess,..  Confusion is not your potion… Compromising always.. my heartful Compliments to you…!!

Again our Ancestors shall never betray you.. only time will tell.. Ain’t it Amazing despite All… you are who you Are……!!!

A F R I C A… ⊰♥⊱

Copyright (c)  2012  Maureen Lermer ⊰♥⊱


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