My Recreative thoughts by Humphrey Mosenge

There are infinite ways to show you I love you, our infrequent moments just won’t be enough for you to realize;

Top scientists feel strongly that this is true, but with the lack of language and tools they are left to just theorize.

I too feel the same but I leave it to be experienced, no such thing as beliefs just knowns and unknowns;

I get your ideas of love and of companionship, in my mind it is sown. All I have with you is just this moment, right here, holding you right now. All you want to do is think about it and judge whether its good or bad I don’t care, at this moment, its you I want. I am a being of focus and those infinite ways are beaming right at you.

Heart broken again…

This heart has been broken a million times, so this time ain’t so special babe!

My life’s journey is to seek enlightenment, to love everyone unconditionally!

You see it naive, because my love is childlike, seeing everything about you and loving it with all my heart.

I still love you and good luck in finding “the One”!

Life’s a gift, in it I choose Joy! I do not own it, I just be it!

Being receptive has alllowed me to be less critical, more understanding and happy!

For the most part, I accept eveything that happens to me as good. Even when I do not see it so, I have learnt to smile about it.

A million times plus this one actually had me laughing!

-Thanks Humphrey for sharing such a wonderful poem.. it’s very deep.. we all have gone through some kinda broken heart..!!