NO Turning BACK…!!

No way, im NOT turning back...!!!

I sometimes  wonder where all that time, special moments went to..!!

I ll often stop and think;  reflecting on everything that’s happened to me in  the last few days. Months. Years.

Those things I’ve seen that scared me for life.. Growing up I’ve seen wrong and of course seen right.  I want to become something real and so right, do they understand am I understood..!!!! Regardless if I’m weak or not I’m going to stand tall.???  Can life be better..?? YES I know IT CAN, and WILL…..!!

 Before I make a decision I always think twice, even if at times, they all seem to shatter.. I take them all to mean something.. I do learn from every mistakes.. for they are my teachers… They say what can I do to help you feel better.. but, i ll better say,…hmmmm,  “nothing”, because this is my life..

Sometimes, I just wanna hold on to them.. The question is, if I hold onto them too tightly how am I to move on? How am I to grow up and  LIVE MY LIFE? How am I to make decisions and take on responsibility if I’m  living in the past?
I guess time continues whether I want it to or not..!! So, I have decided to take on the journey of MY LIFE….

At this point of my life.. there is NO TURNING BACK..!!

Special thanks to my model Donna Axenkopf for the lovely picture




5 thoughts on “NO Turning BACK…!!

  1. Maureen, what a choice day for me to drop by. I LOVE this post.

    You know, change does start with thinking beyond where you are, envisioning things can be better, more true, more real for you. I applaud you this strong and determined post. If I could hit ‘like’ 10 times, I would 🙂 WONDERFUL POST, Maureen, & I wish and wish and wish you CONTINUED strength & resolve to, yes, LIVE your LIFE.

    Sincerely, Noeleen (video diary of me stepping toward sobriety) &

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