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♥ The Tale Of My Heart ♥

Sorrows are deep, 
but deeper than the ocean,
of broken thoughts.,

Pains are sharp as butcher’s knife, 
but of joyful Heart,

Craziness are madness as Lover’s, 
but of precious love,

Vanishing like a magician’s illusion, 
but of dust in the wind,

Broken sleeps are horror, 
but of just bad dreams,

If you don’t believe, 
O my darling !
send me your precious thoughts,

And you will see, 
how in sleep I weep., 
with the fading hope,

I was a keeper, 
but none, 
it was always yours, 
not mine,

It was nothing, 
but just a dancing heart….!

heart….. !!!!!

By Zahir

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The MOMENT..!!

I  do not want to imagine that I will one day look around and you are no more there…  Each time we see,  I want to make sure that the moment  is right.. in the things I do or say. For no one knows,  tomorrow is just not promised..  if we will see again.. so everything I do,  I  do whole heartedly… so that… it will for ever be sealed in your heart..

Moments spent together, I’m peaceful and complete,.. My passion for you is deep, and fully blooming.. you got the ability to make the sun shine.. even on a cloudy day..You make my body sizzle with your kisses, touches.. and even create a brand new memory every time we are together…

We lusting, hugging in the parks, teasing in strange places. Do  not  let the day go by before I  know you love me, because we never know what tomorrow brings… I got no point of fussing when you are beside me..  I just want to cherish every moment with you…. I can’t let these silly changes aggravate the love in me, so that I can concentrate on us  for a moment of  bliss, craziness, of love’s sweet, silly dance..

So before I go to bed at night to sleep… I just wanna make sure that everything is all right, for we never know if we gonna see tomorrow..

*…. A.S. ….*