Behind the smile of a Woman….

She means, Do not say the things you are saying to her if you do not  mean them..

Don’t  bother  to try to stare at her  for too long,  because she’s not going to listen deep..

Don’t look at her lips when she’s  talking to you,  expecting her to kiss you…

Don’t sing those little romantic songs, she  really does not wish to listen..

She pleads,  not to be kind to her…., to stop giving her the feeling of security,

don’t  pretend listenning, and looking so attentive and sincere at her…..

Try  not to place her  head on your chest when you are walking or sitting on a coach..

She does  not wish to feel your heartbeat,  that may lead to things

PLEASE DO NOT make  her  feel things, if you DO NOT MEAN THEM AT ALL..


by Maureen Lermer



I know you are in pains..

lets try to keep things real..

It is not good to see you everyday in pains,

you do not have to think all men and women are bad..

just because someone misused your trust.

Let it go. Someone somewhere might ease your pains

You do not have  to stay up late at night being restless

You do not have to wait

You  ain’t alone,  don’t give up on love.. We all need someone..  Smile

OnE LoVe..PeAce..!!

by Maureen Lermer

Here I am..

Here I am…

All I am, all I'll be...
Everything in this world
All that I'll ever need
Is in your eyes
Shining right at me

When you smile, I can feel
All my passions unfolding
When i place my head on your chest, 
i can feel your heartbeat
Each time your hand brushes mine
It electrifies a thousand sensations
Which Over flows...  Seducing me 

Guess you never know why??!! Because...I.
I do cherish you
I'm longing to hold you..
such precious little time are
vowed for each other..
You don't have to think twice
I will love you still
From the depths of my soul

I wish there was some way for me to express how very much
I care and love you, It's beyond my control...

I've waited so long to say this to you
If you're doubting, do I love you this much, 
I do..!!!

My passion for you runs bone deep 
In my world, before you 
You opened my life
To a new paradise
In a world torn by change
If words could make wishes come true; 
I'd save every day like a treasure and then, again....

If some of my dreams never come true, will you allow me fulfill them with you..???

Love never stops being patient, never stops believing, never stops hoping, never gives up. Love never comes to an end.

 Love is a moment that lasts forever, when truly meant..

by Maureen Lermer

Im so THANKFUL… !!!

What a wonderful weekend and to sum it up  an AWARD..!..  Took me a while to realize it fully… It’s Tuesday, after bringing the kids to school..  Finally i found some words to express myself…

First of all i want to thank  you for the AWARD..  🙂   I was so touched by the words you  used in describing me..

Maureen’s blog is one that, whenever I visit, I can’t help but look at her pictures again, and again (today’s is beautiful!).  It’s in the eyes.  There seems a deep history to this woman’s soul that she releases through her posts.  In her own words in the banner ‘taking good enough & turning it into GREAT’

Thanks for the AWARDS, and please do not hesitate to check out her blog… I so often wonder why she ain’t publishing her works, she makes the reader, ME feel like am part of the act…  she has gone thru lots in life and is very determined ….

When appreciated… you have the zeal to pull on in life…!!! by Maureen lermer

One love..Peace

We depend on each other…

Our good fortune is dependent upon the cooperation and contributions of others.

Every aspect of our present well-being is due to hard work on the part of others.

 As we look around us at the buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel,

the clothes we wear, or the food we eat, we have to acknowledge that all are provided by others.

 None of them would exist for us to enjoy and make use of were it not for the kindness of so many people unknown to us.

 Pic by Maureen Lermer