Im so THANKFUL… !!!

What a wonderful weekend and to sum it up  an AWARD..!..  Took me a while to realize it fully… It’s Tuesday, after bringing the kids to school..  Finally i found some words to express myself…

First of all i want to thank  you for the AWARD..  🙂   I was so touched by the words you  used in describing me..

Maureen’s blog is one that, whenever I visit, I can’t help but look at her pictures again, and again (today’s is beautiful!).  It’s in the eyes.  There seems a deep history to this woman’s soul that she releases through her posts.  In her own words in the banner ‘taking good enough & turning it into GREAT’

Thanks for the AWARDS, and please do not hesitate to check out her blog… I so often wonder why she ain’t publishing her works, she makes the reader, ME feel like am part of the act…  she has gone thru lots in life and is very determined ….

When appreciated… you have the zeal to pull on in life…!!! by Maureen lermer

One love..Peace


3 thoughts on “Im so THANKFUL… !!!

  1. What a wonderful thanks, Maureen – this is just lovely 🙂 I’m glad you quoted what I said, too, because I fully meant it. You’ve got a very soulful way about you. I like that, very much.

    Have a wonderful day, Maureen 🙂 N’n.

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