Behind the smile of a Woman….

She means, Do not say the things you are saying to her if you do not  mean them..

Don’t  bother  to try to stare at her  for too long,  because she’s not going to listen deep..

Don’t look at her lips when she’s  talking to you,  expecting her to kiss you…

Don’t sing those little romantic songs, she  really does not wish to listen..

She pleads,  not to be kind to her…., to stop giving her the feeling of security,

don’t  pretend listenning, and looking so attentive and sincere at her…..

Try  not to place her  head on your chest when you are walking or sitting on a coach..

She does  not wish to feel your heartbeat,  that may lead to things

PLEASE DO NOT make  her  feel things, if you DO NOT MEAN THEM AT ALL..


by Maureen Lermer


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