FRAGILE….by Bernice Angoh

Some hearts are too fragile to be loved that even a
may cause them to crumble.
Some hearts are too near perfect to
that mortal man with all his good intentions still falls
Some  hearts can only be loved by God, those hearts that
never seem
to find a place in the world.
Some hearts are already broken at birth, and
through time wider and
wider their gaps grow. Those are the hearts capable of
unfathomable love
for they are wide open to give and wide open to
Some hearts  were meant to stand alone for they have no true
Some hearts were meant to walk by their lonesome
and true love may
never be their ransom.

Copyright (c)  2012 Bernice Angoh


Everything that comes our way in life was decided long before the events ever
occur. He who said hindsight is 20/20 was accurate. There are some things that
we unconsciously paved the path for ever since we were little children, it may
have been a thought, some choice words, an action, a prayer, a whisper, a wish,
a joke and yet the universe has ears and is always listening. So if you you find
yourself at an undesirable place in your life then you have a hand in it and if
you find yourself in a desirable place in life don’t credit it to luck, you were
the author or co-author.

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Mistakes are never there as a punishment, sometimes they are there to teach us a
lesson, to humble us, or build our strength. They are just Mis (ssed) takes,
doesn’t mean you should give up it means those are the takes you missed so you
are free to get up and try one more time or many more times if you need to.  By Bernice Angoh
“We Know what love stands for,  We are LOVE”.. by Maureen Lermer
Thanks Bernice for your wise WORDS.. they are you, they are deep…!! Love you lots sister..

Melody, of my HEART… “BE”

On the road to the riches, Try and stop and take pictures

Pay attention to each detour and yield signs along the way
be aware of the winding roads…., know that as long as you take it slow
You’ll be fine

With the glass half empty at least you know you’re not thirsty.  Try to see it for what it is… Really half full now take a sip And as it trickles down let it wash away any doubts In your mind You’ll find..

Don’t think real joy is in position or money (Noo) Don’t compare your life to somebody else that you don’t know Just what they’re going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes Don’t be blind, the sun shines on everybody

Inspired by Usher’s song “BE”… This is for you/ and for all other little precious KIDS.. .. Love u love u…Mami

Copyright (c)  2012 Maureen Lermer


Love is the irresistible Desire…

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistible desired – by Robert Frost

It is hard to wait around for someone you know might never happen..

But it’s even harder to give up, when it’s all you’ve ever wanted

in LIFE…

To be loved..

To feel desired in a touch.. To look into eyes that see your heart and soul

That look just all the things you hate about yourself and cares only the good,

the loving the gentleness that dwells within



I am a pefectly beauiful flower

I should not be hidden, cannot be hidden, will not be hidden

My love is bold and fearless,

brave and boundless

It cannot be contained, should not be contained, will not be contained

If you must lie and make excuses to keep your broken pieces in peace,

then allow me to preserve  the fantasies of you within my heart and let you go

For tucked inside your excuses lies the woman I’m not, shouldn’t be and will not be…not even for you

I am a perfectly beautiful flower

the very best in all your gardens

Do you not see how the other butterflies flock towards me?

Do you not see how they vie for my attention?

Why should I suffer the consequences of that which I did not commit?

I cannot, should not, will not live with half your sun

I cannot, should not, will not sing with half a song

I am a perfectly beautiful flower

He who has willingly tasted of my intoxicating fragrance

is compelled to proudly and bravely wear me on his lapel and

not hide me inside pockets of lies and excuses or

allow me to slowly wither under the shadows of his flickering lights.

I am a perfectly beautiful flower, I was born to bloom

and bloom I shall!

Copyright © 2012 Bernice Angoh